Neighborhood Watch

2013 - 19th Annual Neighborhood Watch

See you there!!!!


The 18th annual Neighborhood watch kicked off with the start of the Green Bay Packer season at3:15pm.  The weather this year was 70 and sunny with a slight breeze.  As per the usual agenda we were fortunate to have an officer from the Calumet County Sheriff's office share a few updates on the status of crimes in our area.  Officer Lemiux commented on the recent incident in the Darboy Community park and reminded everyone to be aware of your surroundings and pointed out a few good tips. The awareness of the victim and surrounding witnesses led towards an accurate sketch of the suspect and details of cars in the area. The officer commented that without this information the resulting arrests could have taken much longer.

When Officer Lemiux arrived this year she was met by our new puppy an the kids.  The coloring books and Packers trading cards were a great hit.   After Officer Lemiux arrived all the guests began filtering in with their pots of chili that were added to 5gal pot being cooked on the propane gas stove.  This was the first time   looking back in the records for such a cookout.  
During the officer's update several new tools or online information for our area can be obtained from facebook. Calumet-County-Crimestoppers  In addition to the updates in the park the new officers are now on board at the sheriffs office.  We also discussed the renaming of Noe Rd to "Noe Speedway".  Officer Lemiux informed us she will place a request for the mobile radar board to be placed in our drive or directly across the street.

Overall , the attendance included 8 families as many of those on the guest list were attending the Packer game at Lambeau.  The spread of food was impressive as usual and the blend of chili was perfect for all those in attendance.Dinner was all ready about half time of the Packer game which was not going extremely well.  Clint and Noel also invited additional family to the event as we just finished celbrating the 6th and 7th birthdays for our two girls.  My sister who also now lives just off Hearthstone was in attendance.

Next years host was not decided however Clint and Noel will host again if needed 


  1. Post a comment if you would like to add any notes to this years event

  2. Thank you for the invite it was a great event. Being new to the area it was nice to meet new people and get some information provided by the officer.

    Cheryl (Clint's sister)