Craft Table

Here is my first winter project of 2013.  Pictured below is craft table to collect all of my kids scrap booking gear.  For Christmas they received a CriCut which is very cool but however keeping track of all those pieces and controlling the mess is no easy task.  My wife and I were looking for something big enough they could store a CriCut machine, sewing machine and all those tiny little beads they enjoy play with.
 Side 1 - 15" x 15" Paper storage and room for a sewing machine and other small plastic totes full of ribon or books.
 From this view you can get a good look at what the final product will look like as I have scanned in the counter top text and placed the stools in place.
 Google Sketchup is so cool......just had to do a clear view
 11" x 11" storage bin with room for a laminator that the kids love so much....

Lastly here is a cut list for you should you be willing to take the challenge.  The final dimension is for a reduced size of the plywood to allow for some edge banding.

The craft table is now complete.  The cut list was spot on with the exception of a change during construction.   I was able to get all the pieces cut out of 2 sheets of plywood.  I have not started the top and I must say all the banding went on without a problem.  I sanded the complete cabinet with 220grit and there is a only 3 screws in the entire cabinet.  All joints were either dato'd rabit or half lap.  Once the glue was applied this piece is very solid.  The image about is what the completed picture looks like after I imposed the image in Google Sketchup.

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  1. I love the table, I'll have to work on one for Melanie and the kids. Great post.