Sunday, December 23, 2012

Delta Bandsaw

This past week the motor went out on my 14" bandsaw. I started with a few quick phone calls to only be passed on to Black-n-decker then porter cable only for all them to point the finger back at each other for who could help me track down a new one. Once this did not lead to anything useful I also attempted to call Woodworkers depot where I purchased my saw. Lets just say they gave me the same useless phone numbers I had called. Even if they could have landed me a part I was told the motor would have been over $600.

This is when I turned to a few small businesses here in Appleton. I was so happy with the responses I received from many of the small companies and how they referred me to similar small businesses who could help. I finally found my motor at Electric Motor Supply in Kaukanua.

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