Sunday, March 25, 2012

Entertainment Center

The entertainment center was something that I started designing well over 2 years ago after I finished remodeling my basement.  Now that the basement has been done for over 5yrs I figured it might be time to get the A/V equipment up off of the floor.  Up until very recent the entertainment center was not but a pile of wood in my garage.  Before I start to share the details of this project I must first tell you quick and simple Google Sketch Up was to create a 3D model to visualize how this would look.  I started with just wanting to create a wire frame drawing for reference in the shop but I quickly got lost in the computer program and began adding all the details.

Working from the left to the right I am going to be stacking my surround sound receiver and cable box.  Just to the right of the cable box I have created some slide out drawers to hold the Wii and video games.  In the middle I made room to hold the center channel speaker with a fully extenable drawer beneath for some blankets or more of the kids stuff.  To the right of this I created a few more small pull out drawers for movies and remotes.  On the far right I created another location for electronics such as blu-ray, DVD, Laser Disc, etc.

If you visit entertainment center page you can see some other details on how I integrated a PVP tube for some conduit from end to end to help with the cable management.

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